3T3-L1 MBX Cells

Cat. No.: DCL-001230

Size: 1 × 106 cells/vial Size: Customer Size
Product Information
Parental 3T3-L1
Organism Mouse
Tissue Embryo
Phenotype Fibroblast
Product Description The 3T3 L1-MBX clone was derived from 3T3-L1 to ensure close to 100% differentiation to adipocytes and great response to insulin. In addition, 3T3 L1-MBX has a great insulin-stimulated glucose uptake response which is about 8-10 fold window with sub-maximal insulin concentration in 2-deoxyglucose uptake assay (2-DOG). This cell line would be a valuable tool for researchers who are interested in diabetes and obesity research areas.
Format Frozen
Growth Properties Adherent
Shipping & Storage
Shipping Cryopreserved on dry ice.
Storage Instructions 37 °C, 95% Air, 5% CO2. Store in vapor phase of liquid nitrogen.
Storage Buffer/Media Fetal bovine serum to a final concentration of 10%.
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